venerdì 15 aprile 2005

Attenzione: corporate commands!

C’è da preoccuparsi? C’è da alzare gli scudi? E’ un’esagerazione? Boh! L’Institute of Infinitely Small Things (Istituto per le Cose Infinitamente Piccole) sta creando un International Database of Corporate Commands (Raccolta Internazionale di Ordini Aziendali). Per capire di che cosa si tratta eccovi una clip descrittiva presa dal sito.

A Corporate Command is an instruction work, a call to action in the form of an imperative: "Just Do It", "Turn on the Future", "Live without Limits", "Tap into great taste", "Think different", "Ride the light". It is the hypothesis of the Institute for Infinitely Small Things that these commands, largely and consciously ignored by a public over-saturated with advertisements, function at the level of the infinitely small. Tiny events that do not disturb one's consciousness or disrupt one's identity as "free" agents, these commands seep under the surface of the individual and lay claim to the territory of the Deleuzian Virtual. Desire, memory, and future potentiality become territories for conquest and tactics for control.

Deleuze a parte (o compreso), fate una visita al sito, poi decidete se preoccuparvi per i claim imperativi.

Per il link, grazie a Brandon Barr di texturl.

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