venerdì 11 novembre 2005

Il brief è un seme.

John Griffiths nell'aggiornamento di novembre del suo Planning above and beyond riporta un'intervista in cui parla del mestiere del planner. Ecco un breve estratto relativo alle caratteristiche di un buon brief.

I used to use an analogy from mathematics how many answers are there to 2+2? Not many. How many questions have the answer 4? Of course an infinity. So a good creative brief is all about creative problem definition. There may be a limited number of answers but the art is all in asking an interesting question. Anthony Tasgal who is another freelance on my website did a great paper this year at the Market Research Society where he talked about briefing as like gardening – less to direct a process (plant tomato seeds 1 cm apart) than to define a desired outcome (how do I grow the best tomatoes).

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milo ha detto...

Ma Chancey il Giardiniere lo sapeva già!

marco fossati ha detto...

ma questa è un'altra storia...

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