martedì 25 novembre 2008

In pratica -Logica e buon senso


What is your teaching method of copywriting?

Mr. McCabe:

It depends on the copywriter. Some copywriters you have to be very careful with and handle very gingerly. Others you're better off going in and just telling them that what they're doing isn't good enough and they'll respond to it. It depends on personality. Some people require special handling more definitely than others. And I think it is up to the supervisor to figure out what kind of person he's working with. But the biggest thing about copywriting, I think, beyond the fact that a writer should know how to write, and write well, is a trait that every copywriter should have. This is something so basic that no copywriter can lack it and be any good.

That is logic and common sense.

If someone has a high degree of common sense and then you teach him how to write, he'll be a good copywriter.

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