giovedì 15 giugno 2006

Branding -30 idee da Influx Insights

Dal ThoughT Pack, volume 3, curato da Influx Insights ecco “30 New Ideas for c21st Branding”: 30 idee per “incontrare” il consumatore e intrattenerlo in una conversazione che lo faccia sentire al centro dell'attenzione.

1. Tap into the creativity of Your consumers

2. See the Big Picture

3. Use Data

4. Engage in a conversation

5. Understand the Limits of consumer attention

6. Create Brand Experiences

7. Create Surprise and Delight

8.Use “Shuffle Media”

9. Find a Brand Proving ground

10. Communicate in 50 Milliseconds

11. Be More Local

12. Collaborate with other Brands

13. Look for Niches

14. Be aware of Bloggers

15. Avoid “Weasel Words”

16. Create Sensory Experiences

17. Bring the Brand to the center of the organization

18. Start a Venture Fund

19. Add Some complexity to your communication Narrative

20.Take Podcasts for a Spin

21.Tap into the “Long Tail”

22. Be More Transparent

23. Be More Creative

24. Brand Like a human

25. Be More Ethical

26. Build a cultural hub

27. Uncover Your Brand Truth

28. Find Brand curators

29. Adopt a Fashion Strategy

30.Tap into the heartbeat Economy

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