martedì 18 febbraio 2020

Make a bad ad, then make it better.

Making a great ad can seem overwhelming. Pretty soon, you're paralyzed.
So make a bad ad. Then, make better ones. You'll shift the problem from "How can I have a great idea?" to "How can I make this miserable ad better?" Go make the ad you'd make if it was your business, your product. Sell something. Imagine you're standing on a used car lot, banging on the hood of a car. Now make an ad like that and see where it leads you.
Just don't stop with that ad.

david fowler creative companion
Questo consiglio ce lo dà David Fowler, direttore creativo Ogilvy. È una delle tante perle raccolte sotto il titolo "The Creative Companion: the little red book of ideas for having ideas".

Qui i link per appropriarvene:

The Creative Companion, sotto forma di blog.

Sotto forma di banner, pubblicati da Ogilvy.

Infine, se siete iscritti a scribd, potete scaricare una copia del libro in formato pdf.

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